Thaï Express is proud to announce its new National Promotion “Crispy Basil Festival”

Thai Express is proud to introduce you to the “CRISPY BASIL FESTIVAL” as the leaves change colour in the fall, Thai Express highlights the aromatic and distinct Thai Basil Leaf as a beautiful garnish and aromatic flavor in the following dishes… Crispy Basil Drunken Noodles (AKA new and improved Pad Kee Mao): a stir fry of large rice noodles, chili and delicious Thai basil, which gives it a distinctive spiciness. The whole thing is topped with crispy fried basil which not only adds texture but elevates our customer experience by offering a garnish of a signature herb unique to Thai cuisine. Other featured dishes are the Basil Fried rice, Basil Stir-fry (or Pad salad) with Thai basil as a featured ingredient and garnished with crispy fried basil. Thaï Express also brings Sticky Thai Chicken Wings, another twist on a favorite: Their new whole wings are now available in a choice of 2 sauces, the Sweet Thai and for those who crave a little heat in the fall season, a spicy Thairacha sauce, both, topped with crispy fried basil. Stay tuned and more information will be available on our website: