Sushi Shop arrives in the USA!

Sushi Shop arrives in the USA! July 23, 2018 – Sushi Shop crosses the Canadian borders and opens its first store in Deerfield Beach, Florida in the United States under the name of Ginger Sushi. For over eighteen years, Sushi Shop has specialized in the creation of sushis, sashimis, Japanese specialties. Prepared fresh with care in their boutiques by trained sushi Chefs, the menu continues to offer a diverse and innovative original creations. With more than over 150 locations in Canada and their experience over the last years, Sushi Shop plays an active role on the culinary scene in Canada. Sushi Shop fans can choose from an extensive menu with the popular Poke bowls, their latest innovations: Sushi Burger, Sushi Tacos and Sushi Burritos as well as a wide variety of sushi à la carte or in combos. Ginger Sushi Boutique was born out of the wish to better respond to the US market while taking advantage of the well establish corporate standards and procedures of Sushi Shop.

The Ginger team is eager to share their sushi passion with the US market.