Suhi shop online ordering

SUSHI SHOP ONLINE ORDERING April 12, 2018 – Sushi Shop is launching its online ordering application, Bonapp. Sushi Shop fans can now place their orders online simply by downloading the application Bonapp (for mobile) or by going directly to Users of the app can create a Bonapp profile and link their credit card, gift card or even loyalty card as a method of payment. The application will store users’ preferences, order history and preferred locations, in addition to offering instant communication with the boutique. When customers place an order, they are informed of the estimated time for pick-up, which is calculated according to the quantity of items to be prepared and how busy the store is. Next, a confirmation email is sent in addition to a phone notification. Customers can then pick-up their order and leave immediately, since it has already been paid for. Several obstacles were overcome during the development of this project. One was ensuring good management between phone, online and in-store orders. All sushi rolls are handmade, and depending on the amount of traffic in-store, preparation time may vary, which was a challenging problem for the app developers. This operational challenge was mastered by giving managers the flexibility of accepting orders while remaining in direct communication with the customer, thereby offering a longer preparation time if needed. Another was maintaining the same level of customer service that is currently available by phone and in-store. Several boutiques had agreed to test the online ordering service beginning in October of 2017 and they greatly helped with the development of the application. Sushi Shop is now proud to offer this new experience to its customers. Happy online ordering!