New Sushi Shop Boutique in town of Mount-Royal

New Sushi Shop Boutique in town of Mont-Royal July 9, 2018 – MTY proudly announces the opening of its new Sushi Shop boutique in Town of Mont-Royal, in Montreal. We are glad to be in the family area of Town of Mount-Royal, more specifically in Carre Lucerne. They can come and meet our dedicated and passionate chefs in a unique and zen decor with nearly 30 seated places. With more than 150 locations in Canada, Sushi Shop plays an active role on the culinary scene in Canada. Sushi Shop fans can choose from an extensive menu with our popular Poke bowls, our latest innovations: Sushi Burger, Sushi Tacos and Sushi burritos as well as our sushi à la carte or in combos.

Sushi Shop aims to stimulate your senses and inspires your soul.