Our History


Stanley Ma, founder of the MTY Group, opens his first restaurant in Montreal: “ Le Paradis du Pacifique”. This full-service restaurant offers Chinese and Polynesian cuisine.


The MTY Group develops the TIKI-MING brand, serving Chinese food.


The MTY Group continues to innovate in quick-service restaurants and launches the SUKIYAKI brand, which offers Japanese delicacies.


The MTY Group, up till now a leader in Oriental quick-service food in Quebec, targets another niche, North American fast food, and gives birth to FRANX SUPREME, hot dog and hamburger specialist. These stores gradually convert to the Valentine brand over the next 20 years.


The MTY Group develops the PANINI – PIZZA & PASTA concept, which merges a few years later with the Vanelli’s restaurants. In addition, MTY becomes a subsidiary of Golden Sky Ventures International Inc., a company listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange.


The MTY Group makes its first acquisition, Fontaine Santé, whose stores take on the name VEGGIRAMA and are gradually converted into Cultures restaurants.


The Company acquires the network of LA CRÉMIÈRE dairy counters.


MTY Group develops the VILLA MADINA concept, which offers Mediterranean cuisine. In order to grow the Company and integrate a new segment, MTY Group also acquires CROISSANT PLUS. Finally, the Company negotiates a strategic alliance with Restaurants Au Vieux Duluth inc., which allows it to franchise AUX VIEUX DULUTH EXPRESS restaurants.


CULTURES joins MTY Group, which leads to reinforcement of its presence in Ontario and consolidation of its position in the healthful quick-service market. The Group’s symbol on the Vancouver Stock Market becomes “MTY”.


Faced with the potential of the new THAI EXPRESS concept, MTY Group makes the acquisition. The Company also buys MRS. VANELLI’S, the largest chain of Italian restaurants in Canadian food courts. MTY is to enter the Middle-Eastern market under this brand.


MTY Group acquires exclusive rights to franchise TCBY frozen yogourt in Canada.


The Company obtains the exclusive Canadian franchising rights for YOGEN FRÜZ. KIM CHI (Korean delights), a new concept developed by MTY Goup, is born in Montreal’s Centre Eaton. Following the indisputable success of the SUSHI SHOP chain, MTY Group acquires this pioneer brand in the prepared take-out sushi market. The Company also acquires KOYA JAPAN and becomes the Canadian leader in Japanese quick-service restaurants.


VIE & NAM (vietnamese cuisine), a new concept developed by Groupe MTY, opens at Place Vertu. The Company also purchases TUTTI FRUTTI BREAKFAST & LUNCH. In order to diversify its multi-flavour portfolio as well as the range of choices in food courts, MTY develops the TANDORI brand (Indian cuisine). The year ends with acquisition of the exclusive franchise rights for TACO TIME in Canada.


The MTY Group reaches a level of 1000 operating stores for the first time in its history.


In May 2009, MTY Group acquires Country Style Food Services Holdings Inc. This purchase allows it to establish a leadership position in Ontario.


On May 4, 2010, the Company announces that its application for listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange has been accepted. Shares are listed on the exchange as of Thursday, May 13, 2010, under the “MTY” symbol. In September 2010, MTY acquires Groupe Valentine inc. and the seven stores belonging to an affiliated company, in addition to its distribution centre. In December 2010, the Company acquires a 51% participation in a 60,000-square-foot food processing plant located in a Quebec City suburb.


In August 2011, the MTY Group completes its acquisition of JUS JUGO JUICE and its 136 stores. November is marked by the purchase of MR SUB and its network of 338 restaurants, as well as KORYO BARBECUE (Korean cuisine) and its 20 stores.


With a previously strong presence in the Middle East, MTY Group announces the signing of agreements for expansion in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, as well as the United Kingdom. In September, acquisition of the MR. SOUVLAKI brand is announced.


The MTY Group reaches a level of 2000 operating stores for the first time in its history.


In May 2013, MTY Group acquires SUSHIGO, then, in the same month, makes the largest acquisition of its history, Extreme Brandz (EXTREME PITA and MUCHO BURRITO). In July, the Company announces the marketing of some of its products in grocery stores. In August, MTY acquires the THAI ZONE brand, thereby reinforcing its dominance of the Asian quick-service segment.


In July 2014, MTY Group acquires MADISONS NYC GRILL & BAR, diving into the full-service restaurant sector. During October of that year, the Company completes acquisition of the assets of CAFÉ DÉPÔT, SUSHI MAN, MUFFIN PLUS and FABRIKA.

In November, MTY Group becomes the franchiser for CAFÉS-BISTROS VAN HOUTTE and obtains the right to use the trade name in perpetuity. Finally, December is marked by acquisition of the assets of a group of companies owning and operating the MANCHU WOK, WASABI GRILL & NOODLE and SENSEASIAN brands, primarily located in Canada and the United States.


In March 2015, the MTY Group opened its first Tosto Quick Fire quick casual restaurant on Bay street in Toronto.

In September 2015, the MTY Group completed the acquisition of 60% of the assets of Big Smoke Burger. At closing, the Big Smoke Burger network operates 17 stores, including 4 corporately-owned stores. Of the 17 stores, 9 are located in Canada and 8 are located in the US or overseas.


For the first time in the MTY Group’s history, annual system sales have exceeded the $1 billion mark to reach $1.07 billion.


In July 2016, MTY Group executes its largest acquisition with the purchase of Kahala Brands.
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In May 2017, the MTY Group acquired STEAK FRITES, GIORGIO & THE WORKS BURGER.

June 2017 marked MTY Group’s acquisition of the HOUSTON AVENUE BAR & GRILL and INDUSTRIA PIZZERIA & BAR restaurant brands.

September 2017 saw the MTY Group purchase the sandwich restaurant chain DAGWOODS SANDWICHES & SALADS, additional 20 locations to it’s growing portfolio.

In November 2017, the MTY Group acquired the burger restaurant chains The Counter Custom Burgers and Built Custom Burgers, adding these trendy burger brands to its growing portfolio.


In March 2018, the MTY Group completed its acquisition of Imvescor adding BATON ROUGE, SCORES, BEN & FLORENTINE, PIZZA DELIGHT and MIKES brands to its growing portfolio. MTY also purchased GRABBAGREEN during a busy month of March.

April 2018 saw MTY Group acquire TIMOTHY’S WORLD COFFEE and MMMUFFINS restaurant brands.

September 2018 MTY Group acquired SWEETFROG PREMIUM FROZEN YOGURT adding this dynamic brand to it’s impressive portfolio.

In December 2018 MTY completed it’s purchase of CASA GRECQUE, one of Quebec premiere family dining restaurant brands.


In March 2019 the MTY Group added SOUTH ST. BURGER to it’s growing list of powerful brands .

In April 2019 MTY Group acquired PAPA MURPHY’S TAKE N BAKE PIZZA 1 of the premiere Pizza brands in North America.