Our Expertise

MTY Group: hand in hand with our franchisees

Your success is always our objective. Trust, respect and commitment, these are the values that we share with our franchise owners.

By joining our team, you can be sure you will receive professional guidance, which will allow you to benefit from the experience and know-how that have made our franchises a success. From searching for a location to serving your first client, many resources will be made available to you.


Establishment Establishment Establishment The choice of site is undeniably the most important factor in the success of a franchise. Once it is found, it is up to you to make it productive!

Our preferred sites are, of course, food courts, commercial arteries and shopping malls. But we are also present in office buildings, public markets and high-density residential areas.


New trends, ergonomics and optimization of operations—we design the best for you!

The MTY Group manages the various stages of franchise design, including create floor plans, choosing equipment, planning and supervising construction as well as preparing for the opening. Everything is done with the franchise partner at the heart of the action throughout the process.


Training, supervision and guidance. Operations specialists for each of our banners will transmit their know-how to you.

Operationally, MTY Group will provide you with the different tools and programs in place to allow you to manage and operate your franchise efficiently. The main points covered are the following: dish preparation, operations and production management, quality assurance, customer service, food safety and hygiene, inventory control and site maintenance.


Generate traffic and boost your banner visibility—we have dozens of internal strategies to do just that!

MTY Group makes sure its franchise network is supported through marketing activities. These activities relate primarily to advertising and promoting the trademark image, planning in-store promotional offers and promoting new products. In addition, the Marketing Department supports our franchisees by helping with their local marketing activities.


MTY Group is a tightly woven family.

Support from MTY Group is not limited to the initial training. The Company offers franchisees on-going support for as long as they are operating their store. Manuals are made available to help them optimize their operations.